It was paralyzing, I couldn’t even begin to write! You can not start a blog without a name.  However, every charming title I birthed was already snatched up. The disappointment was real. The frustration drawn out. I needed to start writing something but this name business was bringing me down. I really loved the title,  More Precious than Rubies. With an inspirational title like that, who needed talent? Alas, it was taken.  Determined, I poured over the book of Proverbs looking for a spark, another glittering jewel.

The challenge was simple.  I desired a blog title that was brief, cute, and could communicate every possible theme I could possibly want to share.   Easy enough?  So you can see how I was pleased with myself when an original inspiration hit while putting away my freshly baked pies. Well, they were not freshly baked pies, but they were freshly purchased.  The long awaited name dawned… Half Baked Continue reading