Wrapping around the Christmas tree

Most of my half baked ideas I can tie to youth and inexperience.

Well, ok a few.

The others? Mostly because I’m slightly inpatient.

Ok, a lot.

It started with a meme of a Christmas tree with all of it’s ornaments hanging and the tree is saran wrapped.  The meme, meant to inspire laughter at “if only”  quickly became why not??  I thought it was a stroke of genius.  Why not wrap my tree up?  I already hauled my entire tree into storage every post Christmas-throwing the box away years ago. The bare tree sits in the corner of my storage all year waiting for it to be hauled in one piece down the stairs next season.  I was stoked at the idea of shortening the decorating process by leaving the ornaments on and just unwrapping my tree next December.  Think of the time I could save? Continue reading