Wrapping around the Christmas tree

Most of my half baked ideas I can tie to youth and inexperience.

Well, ok a few.

The others? Mostly because I’m slightly inpatient.

Ok, a lot.

It started with a meme of a Christmas tree with all of it’s ornaments hanging and the tree is saran wrapped.  The meme, meant to inspire laughter at “if only”  quickly became why not??  I thought it was a stroke of genius.  Why not wrap my tree up?  I already hauled my entire tree into storage every post Christmas-throwing the box away years ago. The bare tree sits in the corner of my storage all year waiting for it to be hauled in one piece down the stairs next season.  I was stoked at the idea of shortening the decorating process by leaving the ornaments on and just unwrapping my tree next December.  Think of the time I could save?

I used to love decorating for Christmas.  I remember our first home. I could not wait until I could set things up.  Well, I had a 3 foot tree and one box in storage.  Today it is a different story- with 15 boxes of Christmas cheer that I have to haul up and down a flight of stairs.  Plus when you have kids it’s offensive to them, to the HIGHEST degree to leave any decor out. The banister must be dressed, the tree up and every advent calendar ever created hung. I have to beg to skip the lights outdoors. So can you blame a girl for wanting to make it easier?

Now inspired, I purchased 2 rolls of press and seal.  I figured if was going to do it, it should be the good stuff. You know what I’m talking about – saran wrap is junk most of the time. You roll the stuff out and it either clings to itself becoming something resembling of a rope or it fails to cling to anything!   I wanted the stuff to stick. And stick it did.

the plastered treeI recruited my daughter Kylie and we both were giddy at the idea of circling the tree and entombing the ornaments for the year. We thought we were so smart.  So around the tree we walked, spreading our press and seal cheer-all 2 rolls.  Then we carefully pressed the wrap with our hands ensuring to seal the ornaments. No dust here.  We were so proud of ourselves.


Part of me knew this could invite some criticism from the hubby.  So, I opted to heave that tree up the stairs myself before he could be a downer on my genius.  It was surprisingly easy to carry up the stairs as the branches stayed in place and did not threaten to slap me in the face and fall over into it’s 3 pieces.

At the storage room door,  I casually tried to walk through only to bounce back from the threshold. I was confused as the tree came out this way.  I tried again, only to bounce back again.  So when something doesn’t fit what do us girls do?  Push Harder!

Reminiscent of pulling on my jeans post Christmas dinner- I attempted to stuff that tree through the door. Kylie and me both pushed and pushed. That tree, encased with press and seal, created a shape that was not going to budge. I imagine we looked of something like the Grinch, pushing his stolen tree up the chimney, sans the sinister motive.

We both sank down at the foot of the tree and realized we were beat. We knew what we had to do. Unwrap that stinkin’ tree.  Oh, and because I had to get the good stuff it wasn’t pretty! There at the top of the stairs, where we had about 3 square feet to work in, the press and seal was pealed off-ornaments went flying.  It was a mess.

The lesson’s here are multiple.

1.Press and Seal truly is the stuff of gods. Good stuff.

2. If you have to hide it from your husband-you may want to rethink your plan.

3. Meme’s are not usually a good place for inspiration and even pinterest can be debated at times.

However,  the resonating lesson here is that short cuts don’t pay.  Often we look for ways to cut corners to relieve a little stress and in doing so we often create some headache down the road. Spiritually,  I see this play out in my devotion life.  I find quick ways to import a little truth and fluff myself up-but it quickly peeters out like my sugar high from Starbucks.

Events like Christmas are beautiful and memorable because they take time to create ( and put away…).  The little traditions,  memories from childhood ornaments, favorite cookies,..these are all special because time was invested.  If we want something meaningful  from our devotions we can’t take short cuts, we have to invest the time.  The pay off? A relationship with our Savior that sustains us in the hard times.  

Time is a precious thing. One of my favorite verses is Psalm 90:12, “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.”  When we ponder that we don’t have have unlimited days we quickly focus on what is important. We quickly discern what we wish had invested more time in.  Maybe that’s not Christmas decor…but I’m pretty confident we will all agree our relationships top that list.

And that’s a wrap.
Merry Christmas!!  

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