In Short a little about me- half baked, introverted, mother of two, married to high school sweetheart, wanna be nurse, piano nut,  student of Jesus’s mercies and lessons every day  beach family

Half Baked- Stay tuned you will hear all about my confessions and misadventures and the people who get to do life with me.  

Introverted- I hate small talk, I love that I don’t have to call people. Texting is a dream, except when my husband doesn’t respond than I just go off half baked.  I love to read and would do it more if I could put down facebook.

Mother of two- I have been so blessed. Caleb, 14, plays guitar, piano and trumpet, but his first love is computers. Hopefully, he will never hack into a government system.  He has a tender heart and always has a hug for his mama.  He is not into sports but this kid is wicked on two wheels.  Prayers he keeps our van on all four.

Kylie, 12 is blossoming into a passionate musician as she sings and plays piano, along with french horn and violin.  She is very discerning and bright. I don’t expect that her peers will pull anything over on her. She is strong, she once broke her collar bone at the age of 7 and would not shed a tear until she was in the privacy of the car.  She is my motivation for beginning this blog. I hope that one day, when no one is looking…she will read it.

Married-Started dating Merlin at 17, married at 21. He is my best friend, husband and business partner.

I’m in awe of him.  

Wanna be nurse-my true reward is being there for a patient when they are the most vulnerable. Life has taken me away from clinical nursing, I treasure the memories and stories from those special times.

Piano nut-I hauled a little air organ out of the trash and taught myself to play piano and read music using a book about TV themes.  Nadia’s theme was the best.  My most sincere worship happens on my piano bench. Melodies and words just wreck me.

Student of Jesus- I believe Jesus is coming soon, and I want a relationship with Jesus as He is more precious than rubies or anything that glitters or gleams. I’m an active Seventh-day Adventist Christian in my local little church in small town Nebraska.

I have no dramatic conversion story, my only testimony is that when we submit to Jesus He brings peace to our anxious hearts and purpose to our otherwise void lives.  Jesus is so anxious to teach us and inspire us.  I believe when we start to pay attention,  our own stories, mishaps and moments teach us a lot about who God is and draw us closer to Jesus. You will be amazed at how Jesus speaks to you~I am. It is my prayer that my stories inspire you to see Jesus in a new way.

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